Moti uses Reanimated 3 under the hood to drive high-performance animations on iOS, Android and Web.

Starter project#

If you're starting a project from scratch, or just want to play around, you can use the Expo + Moti starter.

npx create-react-native-app -t with-moti

Install Moti#

First, install moti in your app:


yarn add moti


npm i moti --legacy-peer-deps

Install Reanimated 3+#

Moti requires that you install react-native-reanimated. Version 2 and 3 are both compatible.

View Reanimated compatibility options

Moti 0.17.x requires Reanimated 2.3.0 or higher. This version is compatible with Expo SDK 44.

Moti 0.16.x is compatible with Reanimated 2.2.0. This is compatible with Expo SDK 43.

Moti 0.8.x and higher requires at least Reanimated v2 stable (2.0.0 or higher). This version is compatible with Expo starting SDK 41.

If you're using Expo#

Please follow the Expo instructions for installing react-native-reanimated v2.

If you aren't using Expo#

Please follow Reanimated's installation instructions for v2.

Import Reanimated#

Lastly, add this to the top of your App.tsx:

import 'react-native-reanimated'
import 'react-native-gesture-handler'

If you're using Next.js or Solito, you should not add this import to your _app.tsx. See the Web instructions below for more.

Web support#

Please see the following guides:


Moti works with Hermes as of version 0.22. It's been tested with React Native 0.70+.

Click here if you're using React Native 0.63.x with Hermes

Moti uses Proxy under the hood, which is not supported on older versions of Hermes (see hermes#33). Follow the steps below if you're using Hermes.

If you're using React Native 0.63.x#

Install v0.5.2-rc.1 of Hermes:

npm install hermes-engine@v0.5.2-rc1

Relevant release notes for v0.5.2-rc1 here.

If you're using React Native 0.64.x#

Upgrade Hermes to 0.7.*.

Possible errors#

Property 'Proxy' doesn't exist#

As mentioned in this Moti issue, if you don't install the correct version of Hermes, you might see this error:

Property 'Proxy' doesn't exist, js engine: hermes [Mon Feb 08 2021 19:21:54.427] ERROR Invariant Violation: Module AppRegistry is not a registered callable module (calling runApplication), js engine: hermes

Create your first animation#

import { MotiView } from 'moti'
export const FadeIn = () => (
from={{ opacity: 0 }}
animate={{ opacity: 1 }}
transition={{ type: 'timing' }}

Your component will now fade in on the native thread at 60 FPS.