Zero to $10m with React Native + Next.js#

Fernando Rojo, the creator of Moti, gave a talk at Next.js Conf 2021 about using React Native + Next.js.

You can skip to 6:30 for discussion about Moti.

For more info on Fernando's talk, head to

Moti Animations in 4 min#

A great overview of Moti by Arunaud, AKA Evening Kid.

Check out Evening Kid's YouTube channel for more React Native content.

Can Moti simplify React Native animations?#

Evening Kid takes us through Moti's potential to simplify performant animations.

Live Stream: Fernando Rojo & Catalin Miron#

When Fernando Rojo released Moti in February 2021, Catalin Miron invited him onto his popular YouTube channel for a (nearly) 2 hour walk through.

Catalin Miron Tutorials#

Catalin Miron has a number of great tutorials that show the power of Moti.

Phone Ring Indicator Wave with Moti#

Loading indicator with Moti#

🎛 Custom Animated Switch component with Moti#