Loop Animation

Create a loop animation of a box that goes up and down infinitely.


Loop animations cannot be changed on the fly. If you want to restart a loop, you need to update a component's key prop.

See the explanation at the bottom.


It's worth noting that using the loop cannot be changed. For example, you can't set loop to be true at a random time. It must be true when the component mounts, and stay true.

Similarly, the styles passed to from and animate must exist when the component mounts, and cannot change over time. If they do, we cannot guarantee a working loop animation.


We're using Reanimated's withRepeat function under the hood, which repeats back to the previous value. That means that if you change the value on the fly, that is where it will repeat back to.

If you want a loop that's constant, make sure you set loop: true when the component mounts, and make sure that your from and animate prop do not change throughout the component's lifecycle.


Sequence animations cannot be paired with loop: true or with repeat.